Re: Protection of the Olympic Spirit from Possible Breach of the Code of Ethics

Dear the Ethics Commission of IOC,

The controversies over the judges for the Sochi Olympics Women’s Figure Skating competition of February 20-21, 2014 never stop and rather go hot.

Even if figure skating has been ever controversial due to its obscure scoring system, the case looks different this time since it is about to impair not only figure skating but also the Olympics.

The composition with Russia-friendly judges (for whatever reasons) should be investigated immediately, from which findings are to be announced by ‘the IOC’ because the chairman of ISU, Mr. Cinquanta became disqualified by his recent remarks to a press “Would you rather have an idiot acting as a judge than a good one who is a relative of the manager of a federation? It is far more important to have a good judge than a possible conflict of interest.’’ (full story at,0,3944265.column) While the breach of the Conflict of Interest is strongly prohibited by the Code of Ethics of both the IOC and the ISU, the ISU chairman stated to be willing to violate the rule to hire smarter judges by calling the rest as idiots. Now, it is believed the superior body of the ISU, the IOC should take a responsibility to sort this out.

The investigation should be made to look at i) if the judges composition was reasonable, ii) if there was any kind of favoritism towards Russian skaters; on what basis, wrong edge jump got better GOEs than a jump with correct edge and etc., and iii) if the judgment was correct, it is to be disclosed to the public to give full stop to the ongoing controversies and hopefully the IOC suggests ISU to prepare a just, everybody-can-see-why scoring system to discontinue this kind of fuss.

Instead of enjoyment, applauds and recognition to the genuine athletes the competition should have ended up with, distrust and controversies over the judgment and result continue for days after the competition and seem to develop more seriously as Mr. Cinquanta’s remarks and the photos of judge’s hugging with a competitor right after the competition fuel. Even Ms. Sonia Bianchetti Garbato, who served as a member and chairman of the Figure Skating Committee of the International Skating Union from 1967 to 1988 and then member of the 11-person Council for four years, from 1988 to 1992, addressed in her article that the judging was disgraceful and again an embarrassment and a real mockery for the sport.
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Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe that the judgment had been made in a just, fair way while the voices that Russia home-cooked the competition result to give a gold medal to a Russian skater are soaring all over the world but Russia.

Whether or not it’s true, such noises itself becomes a shame to the Olympics and distress for watchers. Every single athlete’s challenge and achievement should be admired and fairly recognized. This is the Olympic spirit and sportsmanship we were told. The Olympics should be the Olympics, the real festival for all.

We should like to see the IOC has a strong will to maintain the Olympics values by making efforts to eliminate controversies and proves us that the Olympic spirit is not dead for economy or politics but alive for the sports.

At last, I will respect your decision WHATSOEVER from investigation as our trust is fully with you.